В контакте с Жизнью

When describing the stages of a session of work with a client, I have already touched on how the resolution of dysfunctions occurs according to the biodynamic model. This is not the only model, and not the only way to work, it requires a lot of awareness and skills of the therapist, relies more on the principles described in the previous chapters and is best suited for the purpose of the work – to show how biodynamics and psychology are combined in one session … In this section, I would like to dive a little deeper into the topic of dysfunction and its resolution and add a few more models.

As we found out a little earlier, dysfunction is a deviation from health (function), while dysfunction is still an expression of health and a state of balance, just the balance can be more energy-intensive to maintain overall integrity, or only local and at the same time the person will feel the problem and ill health.

The task of the therapist in this case is to create conditions when the client’s system sees a new, more holistic, more effective state of balance and health in contact with the original “plan”, the function. And in order for this to be possible, yes, certain qualities of the therapist and the willingness of the client are required. Even if the mirror is clean, stable, sometimes you don’t want to look into it and you also need to accept this, suggest not to look, but listen from the other, or look with one eye or only for 1 second, or completely stop working. Of course, this is about resistance and willingness to change, and these are all metaphors. That is why the stages of entering a therapeutic state, synchronization with something greater, attunement with the client are so important – this creates the very opportunity for work.

In the previously described approach of release through a state of balance, the following points are important for biodynamics:

  • The state of balance, neutral can be observed at one or several levels, and work can be carried out even at one level of perception. By levels here we mean a) the level of tissues, some specific structures, for example, the fascia or the cardiovascular system, b) the level of fluid perception (fluid), the level of potency (energy component of the fluid)
  • The more levels the therapist covers, the deeper the work is.
  • The wider the “volume” is involved in the process, the more likely the effect will be (there may be local work on a part of the body, or on a scale of the whole body), the more resources are available to resolve the issue. Sometimes the distribution of attention only in a part of the body is not enough for a solution, it is necessary to include the entire client’s system and something more, for example, the space of a room or nature outside the window and beyond. An analogy can be made – mirror in cosmetic bag and big mirror in the room. It is impossible to see a picture which requires a holistic perception with a small mirror.
  • The therapist is an observer who understands that the task is to come to a state of balance, but at the same time does not “push” the client’s system to balance, he, together with the client’s system, participates in finding a balance, again the analogy of a mirror – it shows from the outside – there is a balance or no. In some techniques, methods of “pushing” the process in the right direction are still used, but this is not a directive “pushing”, but something like “I see that you have a more resourceful, balanced state there – I suggest you go there.” This is something like an active mirror with a sunbeam showing direction. The choice to go there or not is up to the client’s system.

In biodynamics, there is a term – transmutation, which actually means “instant change”. The quality in the patient’s system changes “instantly” towards a greater resource, health, vitality, and this is a very deep resolution of dysfunction – all the energy that was retained in it, all the associated tensions that held the fascia, fluids – everything returns back to the system of the client and the creation of a new balance begins. One of the ways to “achieve” transmutation is to maintain the focus of the therapist’s attention at all 3 levels of perception – bodily-tissue, fluid, potency (energy). When a deep state of balance and neutral occurs at all levels (with high-quality and deep biodynamic work, the psycho-emotional component is no longer important here, it is taken into account, but sometimes I turn to it here too – about this in the following sections) – an instant release occurs, transmutation. In simple terms, all the stresses associated with the request disappear, the healthy function of the body is restored.

The connection between balance and stillness is a very interesting phenomenon. This state is also called dynamic stillness. This is not a dead immobility, but a state at the maximum level of energy and most effective state in the system, because all “kinetic” energy turns into pure potency (physicists would say the potential energy, but in biodynamics the word potency used). This state is a state with a higher level of energy than the level at which the problem arose (remember Einstein). It is the state of stillness that precedes the process of Creation (according to one of the models for creating the Universe), and this is also the place for solving a dysfunction, a problem in our client’s system.

There is also a biological justification, the need for an increased level of energy. It is a well-known fact that more energy is required for relaxation of muscle fibers than for their tension. A well-known phenomenon is also connected with this – when a person is tired, he cannot relax – there is no energy for this. In connection with this (to be precise, not only in connection with this, but it can be one of the factors to consider) in biodynamics, there are other approaches that allow you to “raise” the energy level in the system to solve dysfunction.

To name few – you may refer to memory, in which there is access to the resourceful state, you may augment the potency, use regression, moving along the time scale in the state of “before the trauma” or moving through the “landscapes of trauma” in the state of the “initial trauma” (it is similar “entrance window” in SIM), but it would be interesting for me to focus on more important things – wholeness, the mid line, inherent treatment plan, the built-in health blueprint or matrix, embryonic fields.

All this, the wholeness, the mid line, the health matrix – this is the therapist’s knowledge of the “healthy state” of the client, this is when the therapist “observes” the health, and not the injury, and this already allows the client to discover the same thing in himself, and simply contact with an initial wholeness, initial health becomes energy that it is enough for changes at the energy, fluid, tissue and cellular level.

I like the tuning fork metaphor here. The therapist knows that such a healthy function, he has a bodily experience of living his own health. With a biodynamic approach within a session, when the system of biology of two people works, resonance effects arise. But this is not a “stupid switching on of a broadcasting antenna”, there is simultaneous work with tuning to one’s state of health and at the same time “backlighting” in the mirror of the client’s current state. Comparisons come to my mind – when a person looks in the mirror at his reflection and suddenly some deep part of the body (or the whole body) begins to glow in the mirror, indicating an “ideal” state, mirror neurons turn on and “remember” how It was. And this was indeed adressed at the beginning of the paper work, the sufficiency of resources and potency in the very first cell. Our body has all the necessary memory and resources throughout life. At the moment when the system “remembers” health, there is an increase in potency (energy), which is necessary for making changes and releasing dysfunctions. I quote “remembers” because, according to another model, time is a relative thing (if it exists at all). Any state is available to us as soon as we turn our attention to it. We remembered sadness – oops and we are sad, we remembered pain – and again we noticed pain, we remembered health – we see its manifestations in the body, cells, tissues, etc. In biodynamics, embryology occupies a very important place, because starting from the beginning the cell is the blueprint for creating in us as a person acts and acts for all life in this body. Turning to the fetal experience allows you to “align” the client’s system with a healthy function and help him on the path to restoration of integrity and balance. Attunement here, again, is not directive, but this is a proposal to look at health, one’s potential. Here I have never met resistance from the client – everyone wants to be in contact with the Whole, in contact with their health.

There is a third approach to biodynamic work. All approaches are not mutually exclusive and complement each other and are combined with each other within one session and one process. The third approach with synchronization with the phenomena of Primary Respiration (PR) and “delegation of rights” to PR to find a solution to the problem of healing. This topic goes beyond the usual materialistic perception of the world, so I will not consider it here in order to remain within the framework of “material nature”. If anyone is interested, I have a separate paper work on this topic.