В контакте с Жизнью

In Contact with Life

Human life duration is contantly increasing and the questions of life’s quality raise more offen than questions of survival. We’re sure you want to live more and longer. And how you want to live? Have you thought about it? What is “life quality”? For us – it is about Contact with Life and it’s numerous dimentions.

Is it also interesting to you? If yes, then you’ve come to the right address!

What it means to be in Contact?

What it means to be in contact with something? When ther is a contact, there is a mutual acknowledgement and connection of every element in the system. It can be “connection” between two different parts of a whole, connection of two phenomenas, connection of two peole. This is multi-faceted concept, that can be explored and uncovered during the whole life.

Live and clear contact

Live contact always contains interchange. It is about transparency, clarity and lack of distortions between elements of the system.

If there is interchange, then it’s free and clear, it’s like a flow, there is no heaviness or debt, no turbidity or obscurity.

Take as an example the contact between man and woman. When it’s full – man and woman see each other, acknowledge each other, they have interchange which may change depending on their state as a whole, there are no distortions, heavyness, energy flows between them free and easy.

Rollin Becker, one of famouse osteopath defined health (or healthy function) as “rythmic balanced interchange”. For me it’s a perfect description of healthy contact qualities. 

Life is multidimensional - it's quality depends on quality of contact in every dimention

The dimension of life you are in contact with will be manifested, “visible”, alive, full – you’ll know that it exists in your life! And every person has his(her) own dimensions, that important to him(her) – contact with owns body, health, needs, partner, money, safety, sense, World as a whole.

How to check if the contact is not broken?

For every dimention it can be it’s own list of criterias to check the health and fulness of contact wit this specific facet. And in general, you can ask questions below.

Are all answers "yes"?

  • Does this dimention exist in my life?
  • Do I have energy and exchange in this area of life?
  • Do I feel satisfaction and well-being in this area?

Are all answers "no"?

  • Do I feel any tension, heaviness or pain because of presence or lack of this dimention in my life?
  • Do I compare myself with anybody else within this dimension of life?
  • Do if feel myself “not-ok” because of quality of this dimention in my life?

If you answered “yes” to first three questions and “no” to last three, then everything is already fine with this dimention! And if any of this questions makes you think it can be different, most probably you’d like to do something with it.

What can I do to make my contact of better quality?

Usually the quality of contact is impacted our beliefs, ideology, our experience, decisions and conclusions made based on this experience.

To restore the quality of contact we may extend our view on the area of our life on a higher and more neutral level. From that point we can see and estimate what is relevant, what work and what can be left in the past. Brining the clarity and leaving old garbage – make contact clean and full.

It worth start from that level where the problem born, where there is most of attention and where there is a most unfcomfortable ‘tension’. 

Practical psychology

When it comes about our psycho, thinking, beliefs, emotional states – we practice so called practical psychology (we call it practical – because it’s very practical in terms of use. It is oriented on a healthy part of psycho and we lead our clients directly there without spending time in past of in problem exploration – it’s similar like orienting to health in osteopathy). The method called “Self Integrity Method”, it is integral phychotherapy authored by Russian psychologist. We’ll describe it soon in English.

Practical osteopathy

When it comes to the body, the contact with body, or body health conditions, then it’s better to start through biodynamic craniosacral therapy or osteopathy. Why we call it practical? Well, osteopathy is always practical, so it just sounds good ;). From other hand we wanted to highlight, that it’s not about doing something with body, but really focusing on client request through the body and accompaigning this with psychological work if there is a need for it.

Any division to body and mind is quite conditioal as we think, cause they are so interconnected, that work on one layer always reflected on other. And we often starting with one, for example body and then switch to other – psycho or vice versa.

About us

We’re specialists in practical psychology and biodynamic craniosacral therapy and we’re a family. We practice together, we think together, we dicuss together and live by common values and principles. We’re blessed to live this path together and this allows us to explore the universe of human being deeper and wider and as result better helping our clients.

Our methods

Sessions of practical psychology

The session can as help solving ‘hot’ questions as answering ‘long term’ questions such as ‘where I want to develop’ or ‘what moves me and what makes sense to me’ or it can help answer some long lasting unresolved issues such as loss of energy, old relashionships, etc. We call it practical psychology, because we don’t spend time in understanding the past or exploring the trauma experience. We look at present momen and what stops person form achieving their needs right in the moment. This of cause has a method behind on how to see the obtacles and overcome them even if they were created by trauma or anything else. The focus here on health behind the problem and capability of every person to return their initial resources and state of full potential, return ‘self-integrity’.

Most common requests we observe and we able to help are:

  • Difficulties with finding one’s motives and job that can meet internal needs
  • Difficulties of start doing something (I want it, but I don’t do it)
  • Loss of sense, joy, energy
  • Normalization or stop of ‘tough relationship’
  • Getting self-confidence, self-value, growing inner stability and reputation
  • ‘Tough’ relationship with money

In nut shell – each of such question is a question of healthy contact with specific ‘side’ of life with some inner piece that was dissociated and now wants to come back. We work through Self Integrigy Method (SIM) and welcome to read about it in our blog.

Sessions of biodynamics

Biodynamics and craniosacral therapy has a wide range of capabilities to regulate body work. It can help tuning some specific system (e.g. blood vessels) or body as a whole. It orients to ones health, inner potentia and can work not only with body issues but also helps release mental stress or psychological imprints of the body.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can be helpful in numerous situations. You may think about 3 categoreis:

Improving the quality of life:

  • stress release
  • better sleep
  • mental stabiligy
  • deep relaxation and rest
  • post-COVID rehabilitation
  • post surgery rehabilitation
  • pregnance assistance
  • post-pregnance rehabilitation

Chronic deseases:

  • headaches
  • fixations (neck, spine, legs, hands.. )
  • bood pressure (high or low)
  • lack of energy

Urgent issues:

  • shock, injuries
  • trauma (brokens parts)
  • back/neck pain

We see that people come to osteopaths’s or bidynamic therapists as a last resort, but we see huge benfit of having regular biodynamic sessions to improve quality of Contact with one’s body, resources, health. And we see benefits of having biodynamic sessions just to help the health express itself, not waiting when one wil be exhausted.

Why Self Integrigy Method and biodynamic?

As many professionals – we tried and learned many technics and methods in the space of working with body and psychology. There are many approaches on the market and every one has it’s pros anc cons and of cause a range or area of conditions where it can be applied and where it’ll be most effective. We chosen biodynamics and SIM because they are similar in principles used and they resonate with our values:

  • Orientation to the health and wholeness. Many healing and especially official medical approaches are oriented to desease, trauma, sympthoms, ‘non-health’ and put all efforts to struggle with them. Working with SIM and biodynamics means working with health (mental or bodily) that is inherent in every live being.  Either working with mind or body we ‘look’ into potential and potentia o life and how they can be manifested in human. Non-neccessary, non-alive ‘layers’ just leave the system
  • ‘Cleannesss’ of aproaches. Both biodynamics and SIM are ‘clean’ methods, when therapist is only a guide for a client’s health, wholeness and resources. Being a clean guide here means – not bringh anything new into the world of client, therapist’s own way of thinking, or idea what’s best for client or telling client’s mind or body what to do (this we call ‘dirty’ or direct impact). In both methods there is a principle of ‘following the process’ – the process of searching by the ‘human system’ the new more healty point of balance. The cleanness of process can be easier understood may be if we’ll explore a bit examplf of working with body. A person can come with backpain. In case of direct manipulation, therapist can work directly on vertebra, fixing the position of segments and there will be effect, but this will be something that therapist ‘brought’ into client’s system and told system, what it should do and how it should be positioned. And if one took a look a at a system as a whole – backpain could be a sympthom of problem in other piece of the body. Solving the backpain therapist could miss the source of issue. Biodynamic approach allows therapist to listen body, a whole system and follow it’s priorities, no client’s words. As result there is a chance to get into deeper layers of initial request and solve the problem on the layer that is most important for the whole system. The backpain request in this case may be ‘postponed’ but in reality – solved on another layer. The same in mental requests. Sometimes people come with ‘money issue’, but following the process  can lead to more important topics such as selfconfidence or selfvalue and fixing that areas will fix money question naturally.
  • Steadiness of results. As result of first two points we see high steadiness of session results. Every session changes the system of person to a direction of more wholeness, better balance, more potentia. If client consiously applies his(her) own efforts in this direction, it’ll change him(her) that much that initial request could be totally foggoten as it doesn’t make sense any more. The client is a new person. And then new questions and wishes come.. but this is another story 😉

Due to similarity both approaches allow to combine them during treatment and combination makes results even deeper and better. If you’re interested in how they work together, we invite you to read our blog