В контакте с Жизнью

In biodynamics and psychology (in the SIM approach, as well as in the procedural approach) there is another general concept – Process (with a capital letter). And I like the definition that was given to us at the SIM school:

“The Process is a rebuilding of a living system in search of a resolution of internal or external conflict, elimination of distortions and restoration of integrity and connection with the World”.

This excellent definition makes it clear what we are doing in general – we understand that we, as therapists, help to see the very distortions, conflicts at the level of the body, at the level of the psyche and restore integrity and connection with the World. We have a variety of tools for this, and we can consciously choose them to serve the Process.

The word “serving” is the most appropriate here, in my opinion.

Once I was at a seminar with DO, Françoise Dérosier (a 75+ lady and the last 40+ years she has been teaching osteopathy and biodynamics), and she asked – “What is the basic principle of osteopathy (biodynamics)?” Everyone began to speak about the principle of wholeness, the predominance of the force of the fluid over the structure, etc. – 5 classic principles. She stopped everyone and said – “The main principle is a Service to the Breath of Life.” Sometimes the Breath of Life is equated with the Primary Respiration (I will omit the details here). Although I constantly refer to this term I do not give it a clear definition (also because it is impossible), we can say that in biodynamics it is thought as “what creates and maintains Life in all living things” …. Call it whatever you want, somebody calls it God.

The Process in the broad sense of the psychological approach of SIM is also something greater that goes beyond the “process” within the session, but what HAPPENS with us, with clients, everywhere, at every moment of time. Doesn’t it sound like another “definition” of the Breath of Life? Therefore, SIM specialists love the expression: “Follow the Process.” This, among other things, is about the readiness to see where he is going, not to “discard” what you do not know, or what is not included in the picture of the world, to be open to “not-knowing”, to follow the flow of the Process and trust it (and oneself). There are no “random” and unnecessary signals – all signals are signals of the Process, and the ability to follow and read them depends on our purity and experience in practice, which is not limited to sessions.

In a more practical sense, serving the Process or the Breath of Life is the work we do — helping people in their search of health and their potential.

We trust the Process and allow it to guide ourselves and our clients through the session process and the Process of life. We know that the client may not come, he/her may have an aggravation, or his/her wings will grow. At any given time, we do the maximum of what we can in this Service and leave the result for something Greater.

I hope for those who found an interest in this work, found the time to read it, received some benefit for yourself, found something new, or confirmed what you already knew. And I hope this helps you in your practice.

I am still far from consistently meeting the high standards of work described here, but nevertheless, almost everything is described from personal experience, sometimes having a nature of “glimpses”, and sometimes lived as a stable skill.

I would be glad to receive comments, additions, clarification of the issues raised in this work. It’s easier to find me through the page /contacts-en