В контакте с Жизнью


From inner core to action and quality of life

  • Biodynamic craniosacral therapist
  • Practitioner of psychology with Self Integrity Method
  • Member of teaching team (assistant) in school of biodynamics in Moscow
  • Member of teaching team in Russian school of psychology (Self Integrity Method)

My name is Rostislav Nedosekin.

You may look at me as man enjoying family life with lovely wife can growing kids. You could meet me in the past as IT trainer or IT architect or as plama physics engineer or as yoga practitioner or as ayurvedic treatment student and trainer. Nowaday you may find me helping people to improve their life quality through the ways of practical psychology and biodynamic craniosacral therapy and you can find me as part of teaching teams for biodinamics and psychology. I eager to learn, I eager to teach I eger to guide and help people get back their wholeness, health and potential.

My primary way of thinking of way of doing is osteopathy and biodynamics. This is something that I started to learn back in 2014 and what keeps my attention and energey, my interesest. And because biodynamics is about life – it can be found everywhere in any topic, life area or business.

And I also found a great area that helps to extend the range of possible in biodynamics – self integrity method in psychology. Both of them are oriented to life, health, potential, normality, vitality.. Using them together during a session allows to get deeper and more stable results for clients, which in turns make me feel even more happy.

At this moment English page is just a short intro. You can find more about how to combine psychology and biodynamics and if you’ll find it interesting, or you’ll understand I can help you – feel free to ping me over Telegram or Instagram (see icons below my photo).