В контакте с Жизнью

It happened that now I have many friends among osteopaths, biodynamic specialists, that is, those who work with the body and among psychologists, those who work with psychology. And these are two worlds that work with a person. Biodynamics, one way or another, steps the “territory” of psychology, and psychology steps the territory of the “body”. And I would like to connect these two worlds into one. Because the person who turns to us for help is also indivisible, the division into psyche and body is only in the left hemisphere of our neocortex.

What I wanted to do in this work – I wanted to share my vision of human health and show the common between approaches in psychology (through the prism of the psychological approach that is called Serf Integrity Method) and osteopathy (or rather in its biodynamic approach). Most importantly, I wanted to show how these two approaches work together in the same session with a client and what this gives both the client and the therapist. And to see this, we need to make some journey together, review some of the terms and models within which we work.

No matter how hard I try, everything that we try to describe, verbalize, in the end is subject to distortion, because what happens in reality is then transformed into a certain model, which in turn is limited in expression of the verbal language. In fact, we do not know how everything was “built”, and how everything “works”, but this does not negate the fact that the models that we use in practice are very effective in helping clients.

All that will be below is an attempt to reflect my idea of ​​reality in well-known and experienced models, to verbalize my experience for the benefit of specialists in helping professions, like me, and, as a result, to all those who comes to us.

Almost every section can be transformed into a separate work, since in each module there are big models used that are parts of one large “hologram” of the real world.

In general, the work turned out to be more interesting for specialists in biodynamics, because it can significantly expand the toolkit due to the techniques of psychology. For psychologists, the work will be primarily interesting from the point of view of expanding horizons through the theories and concepts used in biodynamics, for a better understanding of the Whole in our life, for developing the sensitivity of field and body processes, and a more conscious attitude to body processes.

There are following articles in this cycle:

1. The whole, duality, polarity and balance

2. Model of dysfunction in a body

3. Loss of resource model in psychology

4. Working principle – Clean Mirror

5. Stages of work in a session of biodynamics and psychology

6. Dysfunction resolution in biodynamics

7. Model of the return of the resourceful state in the psychological field (through the prism of SIM)

8. Combination of biodynamics and psychological techniques in one session. Overview

9. Psychology in biodynamic session

10. Biodynamics in psychological session

11. Additional tools – clean language

12. Conclusion, following the Process


I will be glad to all readers, comments, new ideas – for the good of the common work – serving the World.

I thank my muse and my wife, with whom we go together in the study of biodynamics and psychology, and through whose questions this work was born!